Pi KYC Preview更新 pi币kyc认证教程视频 kyc demo video – 2月14日@π币最新官方消息


更新 Pi KYC 解决方案! 我们制作了一个预览演示视频,展示了我们的 KYC 申请和验证流程。 这将有望揭示核心团队为建立对 Pi 社区的利益而投入的大量时间、精力和资源。 点击“KYC Demo”观看视频,点击“Read More”获得书面更新。

Pi KYC 更新

KYC 或“了解您的客户”是一种首先识别然后验证用户身份的程序,以遵守法规并确保全球 Pi 生态系统中的先驱者是真实的个人。

大多数其他项目将 KYC 外包给第三方 KYC 提供商,因为验证来自几乎所有国家的大量人员的过程是一个极其困难的问题。但是,每个第三方 KYC 提供商都会对每张 KYC 支票收取费用。为了让 Pioneers 有机会参与 Pi 主网而不受财务障碍的影响,Pi Network 正在设计和构建自己的 KYC 应用程序,为所有 Pioneers 提供免费的 KYC 检查,每人只需 1 Pi 币以补偿人工验证者的工作。这是我们为实现包容性而不断努力的一部分。

人工审核-Pi KYC Preview更新 pi币kyc认证教程视频 kyc demo video - 2月14日@π币最新官方消息


此外,鉴于 230 多个国家/地区的数百万 Pioneers 以及所需的 KYC 检查规模,首先很难将流程外包给任何第三方。因此,我们创新了这个 KYC 解决方案,并希望它能够通过利用机器自动化和 Pi 的分布式全球社区的人群力量,在数量和身份多样性方面扩展 KYC 流程。

如果 KYC 解决方案成功验证了数百万 Pioneer 的身份,这将是 Pi Network 向世界提供的革命性去中心化和可扩展的 KYC 解决方案,同时保持隐私、准确性、可扩展性、广泛覆盖不同人群和可访问性。

该解决方案设计非常重视隐私和安全性,尽管它涉及一些人工验证步骤。虽然我们仍在通过继续注册试点批次来最终确定 Pi KYC 应用程序,但我们将在主屏幕上展示这个 KYC 解决方案如何工作的演示视频。



Update on the Pi KYC solution! We’ve made a preview demo video showcasing our KYC application and validation processes. This will hopefully shed light on the immense time, effort and resources the Core Team has undertaken to build something for the good of the Pi community. Tap “KYC Demo” for the video and “Read More” for written updates.

Pi KYC Update
KYC or “Know Your Customer” is a procedure to first identify and then verify user identities, to comply with regulations and to ensure that Pioneers within the global Pi Ecosystem are real individuals.

Most other projects outsource KYC to a third-party KYC provider because the process to verify lots of people from almost all countries is an extremely difficult problem. However, every third-party KYC provider charges a fee for each KYC check. To allow Pioneers the opportunity to participate in the Pi Mainnet regardless of financial barriers, Pi Network is designing and building its own KYC app to provide KYC checks that are free of out-of-pocket charge for all Pioneers, and cost just 1 Pi each to compensate human validators for their work. This is part of our continued efforts in striving for inclusivity.

Furthermore, given the millions of Pioneers in over 230 countries and the scale of KYC checks needed, it is difficult to outsource the process to any third-party in the first place. Hence, we innovated this KYC solution and hope it can scale the KYC process in both volume and diversity of identity by leveraging machine automation and the crowd power of Pi’s distributed global community.

If the KYC solution successfully verifies the identity of millions of Pioneers, it will be a revolutionary decentralized and scalable KYC solution that Pi Network provides to the world while maintaining privacy, accuracy, scalability, wide coverage of diverse populations, and accessibility.

This solution design places high importance on privacy and security even though it involves some human verification steps. While we’re still finalizing the Pi KYC app with continued enrollments of pilot batches, we are presenting a demo video on how this KYC solution works on the homescreen.



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